Saturday, September 25, 2010

Me and My Qualifications

Maybe you'd like to know a little about me.  I married the man I love (J) in January (yes, only eight months ago!).  He's a self-employed chiropractor, amazingly focused, if you ask me.  If I were my own boss, I'd definitely take more vacation than he does.  It's something about profit and consistency that stops him, or so he tells me.  I work from home for the company that so kindly hired me to stay full time after I graduated from college.  I'm a sales assistant, a marketing apprentice, travel coordinator, project person, and whiteboard signmaker.  We live in a community of about forty thousand, a good share of them being retirees.  In the Midwest, a retiree community means Sirloin Stockade and bingo night are the hottest things going.  We share our home with a rambunctious puggle, Haley, and a black cat, Murray, who sometimes goes feral on us.  The cat was mine, the dog was his.  We're working through it.

In my free time, I like to make messes in the kitchen, go to new places, make lists, spontaneously deep clean entire rooms, make messes on my project table, spend money on my latest new hobby, and plan our next thing, be it a party or a home improvement project or a vacation or a meal...  At times I am highly productive, kind of like a manic maid for hire.  At other times, I am just filling up space in one of my many "idea" notebooks.

So what qualifies me to write a blog called Dangerously Domestic?  The combination of some skill, some experience and some appliances, along with a dislike of cleaning the messes I make, a tendency to skip parts of recipes, and an impatience for immediate results.  If you're trying to psychoanalyze me, yes, these things do carry over into other parts of my life and no, I am not ready to change them.

Anyway, my qualifications are as follow.
1. I own five crockpots.
2. I don't own a mop, and I don't get my hands wet when I wash dishes.
3. I have a cabinet full of cookbooks, plus stacks of recipes I need to put into some semblance of order.
4. I own an egg separator, a flour sifter, four whisks, an apple peeler/slicer, and a microplaner - but I do not own a garlic press, onion chopper, bread machine or a stand mixer.
5. I have a lot of ideas, but often lack the expertise to bring them to life.

More qualifications to follow.  Give me a break, this is only my first post...

Disclaimer:  I apologize now for my tendency to abuse grammar and punctuation rules, as well as my tendency string together words that are more elaborate than necessary.  I will also warn you that these things will not change.  Happy reading.

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