Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Cookbook Cupboard

I love my cookbook cupboard.  Sometimes I'll open the doors wide and just stare at my collection of cookbooks.

To me, they represent hundreds of possibilities . . .
to find a new holiday favorite
for something special to take to friends who just had a baby
for that perfect appetizer to serve on game night
to find the next easy weekday classic
to find the best-ever way to grill ribs

I use my plain ol' Betty Crocker basic cookbook when I need to know how long and at what temperature to bake a potato (yes, true story; I do not know this information by heart).  Or when I want a simple muffin recipe.  Sure, I could call Mom every time.  But I often seem to call right at dinnertime, so I try to give them a break and an uninterrupted meal when I can...

What you can't see from the picture below are the prized recipes hiding inside my yellow striped and red binders.  Those are the recipes I've had for years - ones I've gotten from my mom or grandma or aunt - the kind of recipes that get passed down.  The tried and true.  They don't have fancy photographs or pretty font (unless you count the handwriting of loved ones as "pretty font" which is a nice, sentimental thought), but you know they're good.  Many of them have the stains, flour spots and crinkled edges to prove their lasting worth.

Can you just feel the excitement when you look at these?!  Inspiration and challenge, all shut behind these cupboard doors.

I'm going to go browse my collection now.  I need a fancy muffin recipe to take to a shower brunch next week.

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