Monday, May 2, 2011

Steakhouse Dinner

It may look like we're livin' large at Ruth Chris or Hereford House... but no, we just dined it up in style at home.

A couple things I love about having a steak dinner at home...

I can wear my yoga pants, a tee shirt stained with dirt from a little yard work, and no shoes.

I can eat fresh green beans, completely unspoiled by butter or oil or anything else.  You just can't get a truly plain vegetable at a steak house.  And really, why would you try?  The onion fries or the sauteed mushrooms are just so delicious.
Point two kind of got lost there.  I meant to say something more like "I know exactly how my food is prepared, so I'm not consuming a lot of unnecessary fat or sodium."

To prepare the T-bones, we rubbed a little olive oil on them and then rubbed on about 2 teaspoons steak rub per steak.  My grandma gave this to us for Christmas.  It's so flavorful - too flavorful for our tastes on these excellent pieces of meat.  I rubbed most of the rub off my steak once it made it to my plate, and the amazing thing was that the flavor had just melted into the meat.  Ideal!  Next time we'll probably use this as a marinade instead of a rub.

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