Saturday, April 16, 2011

Asparagus Tomato Scramble

I made a coconut cream pie earlier this week, so I had three egg whites sitting in my fridge.  They beckoned to me at lunchtime earlier this week.  I hate using only part of an egg and then forgetting the other part.  It is such a waste!

So I took those egg whites, added milk and a whole egg, chopped tomato, lightly boiled asparagus, and leftover feta cheese, and I made myself a tasty little scramble.  To serve it, I flopped a tortilla on top of the scramble while it was still in the skillet.  This warmed and softened the tortilla, and then I flipped the whole thing onto my plate.

It's not rocket science, but using up leftover ingredients is pretty darn satisfying.  Especially when they result in something this good for you!

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