Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Best of Show" Tomato Quiche

This one's a winner!

I've been making more egg-centered recipes recently?  My mom keeps chickens, so I have a steady supply of fresh, organic, free-range eggs available.  The difference between grocery store and fresh eggs is amazing.  Fresh eggs have harder, thicker shells; their yolks are more yellow and stand more upright after being cracked; they have more and better flavor.  But maybe I'm biased - or at least spoiled - by my ready supply of free, fresh eggs!

I didn't make my own pie crust, so I saved even more time.  And again in the interest of time today, I'll simply give you the link to the recipe!  I love how the recipe contributor says she first used it in the 1970s.  Good food is truly timeless!

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