Saturday, December 10, 2011

Citrus Salad

Is there anything more gorgeous, on a cold, gray winter day, than sliced citrus fruits?

What?  You mean you don't chop up oranges and grapefruits and clementines on cold, gray winter days?  Because it's tops on my priority list.

Particularly when my ever-loving husband brings home four pounds of eat-them-immediately-before-they-get-any-softer clementines, apparently not remembering about the three pound bag already in our refrigerator.  I love him.  I didn't mention the bag.

But I made immediate plans to whip up this salad.  I called this the "Ward Off Our Nieces' and Nephews' Colds" Salad as we ate it before running over for a birthday party. Leave it to the under-ten crowd to be germ carriers...

I didn't realize it only requires two clementines.  Neither of us are very observant, it seems.

So the salad?  It's fresh, light, tangy, zippy, unusual for us.  The toasted coconut takes it over the top.

It's from Better Homes and Gardens. Ooh...  when I went to get the link to the recipe, I found this delightful-looking recipe for Fresh Citrus and Cranberry Salad.  Cranberries, ginger, oranges, mint - on my list now!

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