Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Treadmill: First Run

I am pleased to announce I made my inagural run on our new treadmill yesterday.

It was slow.

I breathed with difficulty at times.

I had to walk for a minute mid-way through.

But I did it!  I walked upstairs on lead legs and felt slimmer, tauter (is that a word?!) and stronger already.

Blasting my music helped.  I can't run effectively without music.  It's only a problem when I forget my ipod and only notice as I'm walking into the gym.  But this won't be a problem at all this winter, because I'm going to freeze my gym membership and hit it hard on our treadmill instead.

I'm accustomed to competing with the person next to me (I don't think they usually catch on), and I won't get to do that anymore.

The surroundings are a *bit* stark.

But the proximity is priceless.

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