Friday, December 9, 2011

New Year's Eve: Party It Up

We're having a New Year's Eve party!  I'm so excited!  I love entertaining and haven't hosted a big shindig since this summer... because of, chronologically listed, bed rest, baby delivery, new motherhood, holidays.

A big part of my love of entertaining is simply the planning part of the process.  So I've already got a game plan in mind.  Fair warning: You'll be seeing my rough draft notepad rather than a thoughtfully worded monologue about party planning.

7:30    On-time guests arrive / start snacking
8:15    Crazy Rook tournament (prizes for winners and losers)
10:15  Tournament ends / prize ceremony / bake party sandwiches
10:45  Snacking continues / set out puzzles, cards, dominoes, trivia, bingo
12:00  It's 2012!  Bring out the bubbly!

Now, I want to go into hyper-drive and make about 10 different appetizers and a couple drinks and have party favors and possibly even a theme.  I've been poring over magazines and cookbooks and compiling lists.  But in the back of my head, I know this is not necessary.  And with a baby it might just be overdoing it without reason.

Because... our friends aren't expecting an elaborate party.  They will all ask if they can bring something.  And I will let them.  Because I know many of them also enjoy trying new recipes or sharing old favorites, and because bringing something to a party makes (most) gals feel that they've contributed to its success.  Because a good party isn't about the food you provide or the perfect way it all looks arranged together.  It's about the friends you see and the memories you make.

And maybe I'll go all out in a couple years.

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