Friday, December 2, 2011

My Rosemary Dilemma Continues

Last month I was debating transplanting my rosemary bush into a pot and bringing it inside to survive the winter.  Well, it was one of the projects I never completed, so instead I bought a rosemary tree from the grocery store.  It's so pretty that I haven't been able to cut any sprigs off it yet.  This could be a problem.  But I'll deal with that later.

The immediate problem is that my rosemary tree is shedding little leaves all over our rug!!

It'll tell you something about the current state of my housekeeping when I tell you that my husband noticed this before I did.

Well, you can learn anything online.  It's shedding leaves because rosemary plants are "high light" plants that want a lot of light to thrive.  When they aren't getting enough light (as during winter months, especially if they are indoors), they will shed their less efficient leaves to conserve food for the higher efficiency leaves.  Survival of the fittest.

I just hope my rosemary tree makes it through winter!

An update on my outside rosemary plant:  it seems to be doing quite well, even though temperatures have gotten quite cold.  And it is not losing any leaves.

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