Friday, November 4, 2011

Projects I've Not Completed Yet

Some peoples' blogs have themes.  They share knowledge and ideas.  They inspire and motivate.  They are cohesive and organized.
My blog is different.  Apparently I just want to write little snippets.  About my life.  About a random thought that passes through my head.  About a recipe I try and like (or make for the fiftieth time and still like).

I just wanted to get that off my chest.  I know my blog is a potpourri.  I know that you don't know what you're going to get when you come over here.  Sometimes it stresses me.  I'm sorry if it stresses you.  Now I feel we can continue with my list of Projects I've Not Completed Yet.  That "yet" says it all.  That "yet" explains why my projects sit in plain sight, unfinished, for months and months.  Because I honestly think that I will complete these projects!

1. Organizing my "recipes to try."  I've gotten the recipes corralled by a black binder.  They are sorted into categories such as pork, chicken, kebabs, pizza, etc. in manila folders.  The binder and folders have been sitting on one of our kitchen chairs since late summer.  When people come over I move them to our office.

2. Organizing my "home and garden ideas."  Same thing as with the recipes, except this pile lives in the office full time.

3. Going through each and every old magazine I have and pulling out recipes I want to try and home/garden ideas.  These magazines live in a basket in our office and under our living room coffee table and in a basket in our kitchen.  I have a lot of magazines.

4. Creating the family memory-genealogy book for my grandparents.  This has to be done by Christmas, so at least  I have a deadline.

5. Scrapbooking the first couple months of my boy's life.  With about seven hundred photos to weed through, you will understand my delay.  And the fact that I have a two-month old.  That's a factor too.  However, when I do find time, all the paper and stickers and photos are stacked in Idea Groups on our table and buffet downstairs!

6. Stacking the empty planters somewhere other than the far corner of our deck.  No, wait, that's a project my hubby hasn't completed yet.

6. Starting my Christmas Shopping Notebook.  It's where I first write ideas for each person for Christmas, then write what I've purchased and how much I've spent.  It's a great little resource, until the week before Christmas, when I throw caution to the wind and start buying "one more little thing" without writing it down.  Shh.  Don't tell.

7. Painting shapes for the nursery's wall art.  And then hanging the pictures my Mom painted.  In other words, finishing decorating the nursery.  Shame on me.  Bad mom.  Mother's guilt sets in early, I can vouch for that.

I'd like to say I'm wrapping up this post so I can start one of these projects.  In reality, I am going to take a shower.  Then I'm going to fold the laundry I started yesterday.  Then... we'll see.

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