Monday, November 7, 2011

Hospitality 101: Using Camo To-Go Cups

It's a happy day for the hunters in my life!  They're getting Mossy Oak to-go cups for Christmas.  Before you start thinking this is a really weird gift, let me give you a little history.

My brother and sister in law have a lot of visitors who stop by their house on their way east.  (We are in the part of the country where you don't just go to a store or a city, you can also go in a direction or to "the city.")

They decided that, our family (and many of our friends) being the coffee fiends they are, that it would be thoughtful to send them on their way with some coffee to go.  Because of course when you have visitors you brew a pot of coffee.  Thus the surprising popularity of the to-go cup in our family.

Was I paid for this post?  No, I wish.  It's essentially a free advertisement for Chinet, Mossy Oak, and Walmart (where I found the cups).  $2.97.  Not a bad deal at all for a really fun stocking stuffer!

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