Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lazy Day = Squirrel Sighting

Well sure I should get out of my bathrobe and take a shower.  Really face the day.  It is almost ten after all.

But doing that would mean I'd have to dislodge the sweet babe so peacefully snoozing on my shoulder.  Why do I feel like I have to be so productive all the time?

And if I weren't leisurely sitting here precisely five minutes ago, I would have missed seeing the squirrel who bounded across our yard.  I so enjoy watching squirrels leap around.  This is the first one I've seen actually on the ground in our yard.

I am definitely putting a squirrel feeder on my Christmas list.

Wow.  With that statement, I feel about eighty five years old.

But if you're a squirrel lover like me, check out this website.  It's all about squirrels, from what they eat to the various kinds.  Nerdy fun.  No offense meant.

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