Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things I've Googled This Week

What's been on my mind this week?  Well, here are the topics I remember Googling.  If they're on your mind too, I hope you find it helpful that I've already done the hard work of typing in the search topic...

Can you transplant rosemary inside for the winter
Helping baby sleep through the night
When should baby sleep through the night
Letting baby cry it out
10K training plan
Can rosemary survive outdoor winter
Rachael Ray's French Style Tuna Melt
How much should a newborn eat
Carter's baby size chart
Baby projectile vomit definition
How much should 7 week old eat
Hello Kitty coloring pages

As my mom sometimes says (but it makes her nervous), "You can find almost anything 'on Internet.'"

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