Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favorite Things... To Be Continued

I'm not a huge Oprah fan.  I don't watch her show, I don't read her book club books on purpose, I rarely buy her magazine.  But I have to say, the woman knows how to give stuff away.

I don't quite have the millions at my disposal that Oprah does, but I still dream of having my own "My Favorite Things" giveaway one of these days.  In fact - lightbulb moment! - maybe some friends and I could do that for Christmas.  Gather a basket of your favorite things (value under $50... I repeat, my bank account is not like Oprah's!) and do a blind exchange.  Oh I like this idea!

But back to my favorite things.  Sure, there's no guarantee that you'd love them the way I do.  But I'd still love the chance to introduce you to them, maybe in hopes of creating another devoted follower.

It's weird, isn't it.  You like something a lot, and you want people you like, to like it, too.  Stay with me now.  Take your favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for instance.

"You've got to go there.  Get the carne asada tacos, smother them with the homemade guac.  Oh - and their salsa.  They make it every day with fresh lime and cilantro."

"And make room - don't save room, but make room - for the sopapillas," your husband adds.  "You've never had sopapillas like this before.  Drown 'em in honey.  They have their own hives."

Your friends look suitably, if mildly, impressed and respond with, "Sounds good...  You've got to try the deli down the street then.  Best Reubens ever..."

I mean, face it.  It's weird!  Will we be better friends if we share the same elite appreciation for a couple hidden-gem restaurants?  Maybe.  Just maybe.

All that said, and I still plan on sharing my favorite things with you.  I laugh in the face of self-mocking!

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