Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pinecone Table Runner

A pinecone table runner made of felt and fusible web?!  No sewing required?  Just semi-smooth scissoring?  Count me in!

I think this lovely little idea falls under the "Yes, I can do this!" project heading.  Check it out at Better Home and Gardens' website.

This heading is followed by...

"Call Mom For Guidance First"
This heading includes many recipes, some laundry, and some gift ideas.

"This Would Take All Afternoon"
This heading covers anything involving painting, a hammer and nails, canning escapades, and minor planting.

"Could Supervise While Someone Else Does the Real Work"
This heading includes exciting projects like sewing stockings and a tree skirt to match my winter decorating scheme (see below), fabric gift bags to match my winter decorating scheme (see below), and new landscaping ventures.

The pinecone table runner perfectly matches my winter decorating scheme - browns, greens, cream, gold, bronze.  Rustic, woodsy colors with some hints and accents of glam elegance.

More to follow on that, for sure.  And hopefully I'll have my very own pinecone table runner to show soon, too!

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