Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Pretty Good Way to Start the Day

A little Bible, a little oatmeal, a little coffee.  Actually, I'd like to say a few words about oatmeal.  But I suppose it can wait for another blog.  I have Definite Ideas about oatmeal, and as one of its few outspoken supporters, those Ideas really need to be shared.

Okay, the coffee will be a continuing factor today.  The brew of the day is Moka Java, from the underestimated World Market selection.  It's strong, it's tasty.  It's described on the label as "medium roast, full body, complex and earthy with light and unique acidity."  Check it out.

And a little time with Murray, who, on this beautiful day, really just wants to be outside.  After his tasty little breakfast, he sat by the sliding glass door (add "clean windows" to my to-do list??)  and bathed before beginning his incessant cries of "lemme go outside, lemme go outside."  He's beginning to get that urgent, demanding look in his eyes in this picture...

The cat loves a brisk fall morning.  Do you see the hint of longing in th tilt of his neck?

So I let him outside.  And I'll let him in again as soon as I see him sitting by the door, once again meowing demandingly at me, "lemme in, lemme in."  I am a slave to this cat.  But again, that's another topic for another blog.  I think he just wanted outside for a little al fresco bathing.

While I was outside, I noticed my mums.  Remember them?  Lovingly, if haphazardly, potted earlier this fall?  Well, they have officially been frosted.

To be completely honest, they may have started to die before the frost got them, from lack of water.  But it is an undeniable fact that dried-up plants don't look like these; frosted plants do.

Soon it'll be time for me to trim them back and put them in the garage so I can plant their live little roots in the spring.  For now, though, their continued home is on our back deck, where we can enjoy the faint hint of color they're still giving.

Murray went sashaying off into the lovely day.

And I wanted to post this picture, just so I remember that there are beautiful-sky days in the fall, and even the winter!

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