Sunday, November 28, 2010

Emergency Chocolate

After the holidays, you must - absolutely must! - keep Emergency Chocolate on hand.  You will need it after you've eaten your self-denying, healthy dinner.  You will crave just a taste of that decadent goodness that came so naturally with the mass quantities of holiday treats you just consumed.

Here's how it happened for me.

Sensible dinner.  Egg white breakfast burrito for dinner (we had very little to work with, okay?).

Two hours later, I'm getting a hankering for something extravagant.

A quick search of the cupboards (even my special hiding place on the lazy Susan) and my bookcase (don't ask, it's a weird thing) reveals that we have no special chocolate treats.

Then I remember.  The best chocolate ever.  The kind of chocolate I would give as a gift, it's so good.

Truffettes de France.

But I bought them at Trader Joe's.  You open them and inside are not one, but two, golden bags filled with truffles just the right size.

I ripped the bag I was so excited.

Forgive me for the slightly blurry picture.  I was half-crazed at this point.

The chocolate.  How can I even describe it?  The cocoa powder hits your tongue just a tiny bit bitter, but the truffle immediately begins to soften in your mouth.  The cocoa melts into the semi-sweet chocolate.  Roll it around in your mouth.  Delicious.  It melts.  Heavenly.

So delicious you could give them away.  But so delicious you won't want to.  Oh what a dilemma.

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