Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sometimes I think I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  So I whip out my camera and try to capture it on film - or rather, on digital card.  And then I get to thinking, Have I just completely removed myself from the moment, by trying to capture it like this?  Maybe, just maybe.  But I do it anyway, and partly so you can enjoy the beauty I see.

First, I would like to admit that Midwestern beauty does not compare to the majesty of mountains or the awe of the ocean or the lushness of green, rolling hills.  But for a born-and-bred Midwestern girl like me, it hits the spot and nothing can compare for its honest, simple gorgeousness.  It's stark and expansive and clean, and I love it!

A little barb-wire fence, a little pasture, a little setting sun...

Even weeds are pretty when they're silhouetted by autumn sun like this.

"Blue skies... nothing but blue skies..."  Did you ever think dried-up somethings (I'm no horticulturist) could be so eye-catching?

Another silhouette.  Look at those incredibly fine fibers.

I like bark and I like barb-wire.  They make such a statement when you put them together.  Oh, and I guess they're useful, too.

Fluffy white puffs next to hard barb-wire and rough bark.  I like the juxtaposition.

And we'll end with a big-sky photo.

Marveling at the beauty that surrounds me makes the think of Romans 1:20 - "For his (God's) invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.  So they are without excuse."  That's us that are without excuse - we can't say we don't know anything about God, because we see a little what He's like in the gorgeous world He created, all for His glory.  And I think He also made it for our enjoyment and to give us reason to praise Him.

Well, that little sermon just popped out of nowhere.

I will admit that when the wind is blowing ninety miles to nothing, as it is today, I do not venture outside into this great wilderness around me, unless I absolutely have to.

Murray loves his status as a *sometimes* wild cat of the outdoors.

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