Monday, January 31, 2011

Auctions: Addictive

While we were back at my parents' house this weekend, Mom and I went to an auction.  For those of you not familiar with country auctions, they are used to sell off a (usually) deceased person's belongings that aren't wanted by family or friends.

We have some collectors out in the country.  That's all I'll say about that.

We arrived at 9:30 and didn't leave until 1:30.  Time just flies when you're shut in a big metal shed with seventy-odd other unwashed auction-goers.  Surprisingly, I did still work up an appetite during the course of our outing.

Chili-cheese nachos for $2.50, and a can of Diet Dr. Pepper to wash it down.  Good stuff.

At first Mom and I got sucked in by the utilitarian.  I bought this big Rubbermaid cooler (plus a smaller red one I've nested inside it) for $4.  It's sitting on top of a garden hose bin we got for $10.

Then we remembered what we came for.  Fun stuff!  I won a box of three little red metal International tractors for $4 for Mom when she went to the restroom.  At least, I thought I got them for $4.  Turns out they were "three for the money" which means you pay your winning bid for each item...  Oops.  Sorry, Mom.  I'm a relative newbie to the auction scene.

We also won the bid on these gorgeous blue bubble dishes.  $6 - what a steal, huh!  I adore old dishes.


Then they started selling the garden gnomes.  There was a table with at least fifty little pieces of yard art on it, so we scoped them out before even sitting down.  We each picked one up for $6.  Perhaps an overpay, but I was happy to get this one I had my eye on.

I thought it was all toadstools and mushrooms when it caught my eye before the bidding started on it.  Nope.  Cute smiling turtles.  Lesson learned.  I will carefully examine each piece before bidding from now on.

Still, it'll be a fun little item for our garden.

Mom got me this mint-condition old Pyrex mixing bowl.  She's helping me create a set.

I love using dishes that have some history - even if I don't know what it is.  This tomato-red bowl joins the mint green bowl I already have.  I think we're just looking for the big yellow and small turquoise bowl now.

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