Friday, January 28, 2011

The Kind of Week It's Been...

It hasn't been a bad week.  Not at all.  It's been an invigorating, yet fatiguing, week of travel and work and planning and conversation.  It makes me even more excited for my part in the company I work for, and it makes me even more thankful that when the travel is done, I can sit cross-legged in my office chair once more, wearing my favorite, stretchy yoga pants, happy in the knowledge that Friday is here and it will go quickly.

I hope you get to put on your favorite, stretchiest pants sometime this weekend, too.  Probably not for work, but if so, cheers to ya!  There's nothing more liberating than saying "no" to your skinny jeans and saying "yes" to unrestricted comfort and freedom.  You know the weekend has arrived.

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