Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garlicky Parmesan Bread... Because I'm Worth It!

Tonight I made myself a big hunk of Garlicky Parmesan Bread to go with my leftovers.

Why, you ask?

Well… because.

Because it’s delicious.

Because I believe in preparing good things to eat even when it’s just me.

Because I’m worth it! I’m worth the five minutes it takes to do this.

With those thoughts in mind, I took to the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients. This is a five-ingredient treat, my friends.

I cut myself a large piece. Toasted the bottom so it wouldn’t be too much a soft vs. crunchy opposition.
I spread it generously with butter, then sprinkled on garlic salt with wild abandon, sprinkled on Italian seasoning.

Topped it with pungent strips of real Parmesan.

Broiled it for a few minutes. Waited for wicked-sounding bubbling cheese. Waited a second too long and began to smell the all-too-familiar aroma of blackened bread.

Still, it tasted like perfection.  Leftovers are so much better when you’ve got a tasty addition like this to enjoy.

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