Sunday, January 30, 2011

Endless Amusement: Cows

The cows in the pasture behind my parents' house provide me with endless amusement when we go back to visit.  Right now there are mother cows, mid-sized calves (I'm not a farmer, ok?) and a bull residing in the pasture.

I'm calling this one Oreo.

When I walked up to the fence, they became skittishly inquisitive.  The reddish middle one - let's call her Belle - is feeling pretty brave.

Not so brave anymore.  Apparently, they don't learn to confidently slip through the fence to drink from my mom's fish pond until they reach full size.

I just love their faces.  Those big eyes with the long lashes.  This is Goldie.

And then one of the cats joined us, and the calves' interest was piqued.  Pumpkin remained calm and aloof.

The others moved on, but Belle (brave once again) and friend stayed behind to really check out Pumpkin the Cat.

Ah the joy of the simple things.  When I'm in the country, I feel like I could never leave.

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