Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Big To-Do List

Since we're still in January - and my Christmas tree is still up, so I actually feel like the holiday season has not left us yet - I think it's perfectly fine to just now be making any attempt at New Year's resolutions.

To be honest, I don't want to call these resolutions.  That sounds so formal and so final.

Instead, I'll call it My Big To-Do List.

I love to-do lists.

So here it is.  I can't escape from it now that it's out in public!

1. Cook my way through The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.

2. Exercise regulary.  Because I will need all the exercise I can get while completing #1.  Ree even admits it in the cookbook - these are not low-calorie recipes.

3. Develop delightful, healthy dishes of my own.  I have the perfect guinea pigs - me (who want healthy foods) and my hubby (who will, bless his heart, eat anything I put in front of him).  Why wouldn't I do this?!

4. Improve my self-discipline.  This means
a.  Doing things I know I should do, in a more timely manner (including, but not limited to: get out of bed in the mornings, laundry (I wore dirty socks to the gym yesterday.  Not ok for a woman my age.), return phone calls, write thank-you notes, and
b.  Not doing things I know I shouldn't do - or at least doing them less often (hit the snooze button multiple times, eat raw cookie dough by the spoonful, overindulge EVERY TIME we visit my parents', procrastinate at work, leave piles sitting around because I'm not organized enough to sort through and throw away the stuff).

5.  Make my home homier.  It looks nice enough now, but it's kind of cookie cutter.  I want to give it classy, unique character, without spending a fortune.

Good grief.  I better stop now.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

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