Saturday, January 22, 2011

Planning: Super Bowl Party

I'm so excited!  We're having a bunch of friends over for the Super Bowl this year.  I want to get creative with some decor and plenty of tasty treats and drinks, so I'm starting early with the planning.

Honestly, I have almost as much fun planning things as I do actually doing them.  Except vacations.  I feel cheated if I plan one and then don't get to go.

Of course, the first things I had to figure out was when the Super Bowl was going to be on.  February 6, my friends, my fellow Super-Bowlers-but-not-huge-NFL-fans-normally.  So I've got a couple weeks.  Perfect.  Just enough time to drive my patient hubby to the point of distraction.

To keep us girls entertained:

Scorecards - for the ads.  Points will be awarded on humor, creativity/newness, and whether it actually makes you want to buy the product.

Trivia - from the Super Bowl website

Numbers Board - one of those things where you pick numbers and can win money at the end of each quarter.  My hubby is going to have to help with this one.

To keep the guys entertained:

The game on the big screen.  Duh.  Of course that's the reason we get together for things like this.  Of course.


Numbers Board - there has got to be a different name for this.

Next up... thinking about the menu and decor, and actually get things ready for our entertainment.

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