Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl: Dive in and Eat!

I would love to write a lengthy post today and share with you all the new recipes I tried.  Who knows, I might create recipe links later.  But for now, I've done enough good pre-party preparation that I can take a little nap before our friends start arriving!

Our table is ready for foods to just be plunked into the dishes.  I've labeled them so I know what goes where, so I won't be fumbling around frantically five minutes before 5.  And, of course, I've left a few spots open for what friends are bringing.

Stuff that needs to be plugged in will go on the counter.

We've got a table set up for drinks, and a cooler ready for some bottled water.

The veggies are cut.  That's four pounds of carrots!  Honestly, I'm hoping for enough leftovers that I can eat a few for lunch all week.

The cheese is cut.  :)  ha ha...

And the menu is...
Spicy Orange Olives

Black olives, green olives, pickled asparagus, pickles

Carrots and Celery with Chipotle Ranch Dip

Cheese Slices and Crackers

Black Bean and Corn Relish Salsa

Onion and Garlic Hummus (this will kill any chances of *romance* tonight, but it sure is good)

No-Bones Chicken Wing Dip (I hope it looks better after it's baked!)

Mini Meatballs (spicy little devils)
Chili - the rich and meaty kind!

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