Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Breakfast Burrito

It's a "Saturday Morning" Breakfast Burrito because it's a conglomeration of leftovers from the week.  Mostly our Chipotle Fajitas...

I took our leftover fajita stuff - four pieces of meat and a mess of green peppers and onions - and chopped them into smaller, more bite-size pieces.

Then I added them to four beaten eggs, poured it all into a hot skillet and cooked it.  What's easier than that, I ask you?  Not going to the drive-through; you have to leave your house for that, and I do not like leaving my house first thing on a Saturday morning.

I added guacamole, shredded cheddar, and some homemade salsa to mine.  Plenty of salsa.  I love the flavor.  Sadly, this is our last jar of homemade salsa...

Side note:  If you love the flavor of homemade salsa, but don't want to make a fresh batch every week, canning is the way to go!  This summer I'll do more and post a little "amateur's guide to canning."  The amateur, by the way, is me.  I make an absolute mess of my kitchen when I can.  But I feel so industrious doing it.

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