Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Nights... Brownies and Ice Cream

On cold, snowy days (and we've had far too many of them this winter, if you ask me!), all I want to do is curl up inside with

my fuzzy socks (which establish my status as a cool, sexy wife)

a good book or two (I like choices, and no matter which you choose of these two, you've got a winner.)

brownies and ice cream

Because, inexplicably, I want - no, I demand - ice cream as soon as the temperature dips to ten degrees or less.  One of my little quirks.

I'm serious when I say snowy days, by the way.  Look at this!

Murray is spending his days on the heater.  I'm guessing this might cause a resurgence in my hubby's allergic symptoms, but since that is a completely unscientific assumption, I'm not going to bring it up until he does.

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