Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Chocolate

There's emergency chocolate, and there's love chocolate.  Emergency chocolate is designed to help you get through a difficult spot, whether it's the end of the holidays or a really nasty day at work or a big speeding ticket.  Love chocolate is only designed to please you.  Make you sigh and close your eyes and smile.  You can't see a difference, but you know the difference when you reach for it.

I've been smiling since noon, when my dear hubby brought me not one, but two!, boxes of chocolates.  I ate the first one and I was just transported away from my workday.  All right, it might have been partly the effect of the sweet card, too.

If he wouldn't look so shocked to see me do this, I might go to Target and buy a couple more boxes of each kind when they go half-off after good ol' V-day is over...  Lindt truffles are, of course, the gold standard.  And the Hershey's truffles are nearly as decadent - a little firmer, a little less melt-in-your-mouth, but so creamy and just-right sweet.

Actually, I still might.  Love chocolate gets as much love as it gives, from me.

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