Monday, December 13, 2010

Breakfast Burrito

Eating healthfully doesn't mean you have to suffer through dry toast, plain oatmeal, and tuna salad sandwiches every single day until you're at the weight or the size or the fitness level you want to be at.  No way!

I don't know anyone who could actually make dry toast and plain oatmeal a daily, livable habit.

I couldn't do it even if I were told I needed to appear in a bikini next week.

Nope.  You can still eat good food that you enjoy when you're trying to get healthy.  Hence my breakfast burrito.  It's a good mix of carbs, protein and fat that will satisfy my tastebuds and keep my stomach full until my late-morning snack.

This is all you need, plus a few spices.

Crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them with a little water.

Pour into a skillet that's been heating on the stove.

Season well, with pepper, salt and oregano (that's what I used) or try Mrs. Dash's Original Seasoning for a tasty mix that'll brighten up the egg flavor easily.

While the eggs are cooking, measure out 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese.  If you're counting calories, it's really important to measure whatever you're eating, especially if it's a higher calorie or fat food like cheese.  This way you can still enjoy any food you like; you're just monitoring how much of it you eat.

Eggs are just about done.  This is probably a seven-minute breakfast, all things considered.

Line 'em up and add the cheese so it begins to melt.

Heat your tortilla in the microwave for a few seconds, then carefully transfer your pile of eggs to it.  Get ready to top with salsa!  I don't measure that because it's basically all good.  Maybe a little high in sodium, but for me that's a small price to pay for such flavor.  Of course check with your doctor before you begin any new diet or fitness regimine.  I doubt I really even need to tell you that.  I've just seen it so many times it rolls easily off my tongue!

Take it on the road wrapped in foil or eat at home with a fork.  Either way, the breakfast burrito is a great start to your day!

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