Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hungry but Happy

I'm a little hungry after my first couple of controlled-calorie days.  But I feel good.  I feel in control of my eating.

They say self-discipline - or the lack thereof - carries over into every aspect of your life.  I think that is so true.

If I'm eating everything in sight, chances are good that I'm also

hitting the snooze button repeatedly

disregarding my gym membership

skipping any morning Bible time for aforementioned snoozing

indulging in pity parties or complaining with coworkers or irritable with my husband

spending untold hours each week browsing online or reading magazines

ignoring our budget

But I've found if I can start showing self-discipline in any one of these areas, I am much more apt to be successful with it across the board.

So yes, I'm hungry but happy about it.

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