Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Grapefruit: Making Me a Morning Person

Nothing like a good grapefruit in the morning.  The bright, refreshing, sweet but oh, so citrusy, flavor exploding in your mouth with every bite.  It just makes me want to leap up and shout "Good Morning!"  And we all know I'm not a morning person by nature.

I eat them the old-fashioned, time-consuming way, using this prime tool.  I've decided I want to buy a couple sets of these now, to ensure that my children will be able to eat their grapefruit using this same method.  Gotta think ahead...

First, cut around the entire grapefruit, separating the segments from the rind.

Next, cut out each segment inside the membranes.  This takes a little finesse.  You might mangle your first few pieces.  Don't give up!

If you want, you can sample the first segment you loosen.  I like to wait - do all the work, then buzz around and eat the whole thing.

Divine bites.

I don't go for this idea of eating half a grapefruit and saving the other half.  Maybe if you're short on time.

Then squeeze the juice into your bowl.

And drink that elixir.  It's just heady.

And since my hubby detests grapefruits, I can eat the entire box my folks sent to us.  I wish I could have this excellent grapefruit year-round.  But I just don't think you can find quality grapefruit in the Midwest in the summer!

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