Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today's Goals

Today I've got a multi-part goal list.  I've got the day off!  And I'm going shopping!

I'm specifically looking for knee-high boots that can fit around my calves while they are encased in my tights or new skinny jeans.  For many - ok, for most - this is not a big deal.  But I don't just have regular girlie calves.  I've got muscular calves.  They look just like my dad's, minus the hair.  And they're in proportion to my body... just barely.

So buying knee-high boots is never an easy task.  However, today I've got the time, I've set aside the money, and I plan to succeed.

The second part of my goal is to eat healthy while I'm out shopping.  I've kept food diaries every day this week (yes, that's only two days.  Doesn't matter.  It's an accomplishment!) and that's really helped to limit my stupid calories.  Stupid calories are the calories I snack on between meals or after dinner, when maybe I'm not even that hungry.

The third part of my goal is to take the time to do my Yogalosophy DVD.  Love it.  I did just the first half hour on Monday and oh, how my legs were shaking!  I stopped right as the instructor started doing push-ups.  If you like nontraditional yoga, check this out!  There'll probably be more about Yogalosophy later, when can report on it with the clear conscience of someone who's actually completed it.

And that's really it.  There's more on my to-do list, but these are the high points.


  1. oh my gosh not eating a pretzel from the mall is so hard for me when i am shopping. it is a sin really.

  2. Yeah... you have to choose your battles. For instance - give up Starbucks? No, not me!! I did do pretty well, though - at least I THINK the falafel sandwich was ok!