Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Murray: A Strange Habit

Murray is a strange cat, some people say, and he does have some strange habits.  He's got me so trained that I don't even think of them as all that surprising anymore.

When he first comes in from the shed in the mornings, he goes directly to the bathroom with me.  He hops onto the counter, and he waits.

I turn on the faucet - just a fine, steady stream.

And he drinks.

 Murray prefers fresh running water to that (often replaced) water in his dish.  He'll run into the bathroom - any one of them, he's not picky about location - and wait for me to follow him and turn on his water faucet.

 He does this throughout the day.  So maybe it's my strange habit as well, turning on the bathroom faucet for my cat.

Crazy cat lady indeed.

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