Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Good Holiday Snack: The Nut Bowl

I'm not talking a can of Planter's salted nuts.  Oh no.  I'm talking the kind of nuts you buy from the big cardboard bins at the grocery store.  The kind they sell by the pound.

I bought a pound this weekend, just for fun, and discovered they are the perfect, portion-controlled snack.  I got so tired of cracking and prying that I only ate about five.  They're easily portable, too.

An added benefit is the thrill of accomplishment when you're able to extract an entire walnut, whole.  I tried to crack a few nuts for my hubby and sadly, he didn't want any.  It's just as much fun to "crack and extract" for someone else as it is for yourself!

Oh, and health benefits... there are all sorts of good things about nuts, but off the top of my head... protein, omega-3's, good fat.

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