Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Housekeeping Tip #1: The Microwave

I don't have a vast store of housekeeping tips.  But this is a good one.

We don't cover our food when we microwave it, so our microwave quickly becomes grimy.  And I don't like cleaning it (or forget to - it's like the chicken and the egg - I don't know which really comes first in this case), so then the grime cooks onto the interior.

On Saturday I was doing some rather in-depth cleaning and decided to tackle the microwave.  I also wanted to freshen up the house without the sometimes-overpowering scent of a candle.

Here's what you do.

Fill a medium-sized bowl with water.  Add a couple apple slices and a couple orange slices (the peel is the important part for this).  Sprinkle in cinnamon and any other spices.  I used nutmeg and cloves.  Microwave for 10 minutes.

A delicious fragrance will fill your home.  Condensation will form inside the microwave.  You'll be able to just wipe that grime away easily.  No elbow grease required.


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