Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good to be Home

It's so good to be home again.  And it's so nice to walk into a mostly-clean home, with a neatly made bed, and both our 'kids' excited to see us.

We were gone for about 48 hours, I should mention.  I suppose we might be textbook homebodies, since we both share this same enthusiasm for returning to our cozy little nest.

However, I did notice a brand-new area for dust bunnies to congregate.  I'd like to eliminate them immediately, but J is taking a well-deserved nap after driving us home, so I suppose I won't wake him up with the roar of our faithful vacuum cleaner.

Instead, I'll show you these dust bunnies.

This is what you get when you have a puggle and a long-haired black cat, kids.  Be forewarned.

But just look at 'em.  It's so worth it!

I also noticed again the mess I left behind after emptying the shredder on Friday.

And the water spots on our bathroom mirror.  Who knows how long those have been there.

Oh, I am just itching to get these things cleaned up.  But first, a nap.  And planning our menu for the week.  I'd rather cook than clean...

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