Sunday, December 12, 2010

Small Bites

I enjoy the "small bites" plate as an occasional easy, fun meal.  I admit that you have to have a well-developed sense of fun to call it that.

So that's what I had today as a late lunch.

Homemade, sorta sweet pickles; lightly salted pepitas; sharp cheddar; reduced-fat Wheat Thins; and the coup de grace, my Best-Ever Brownies.

Eating this is sheer, childlike fun.  Use your fingers to eat the pepitas.  Make bite-size, open-face cheese and pickle cracker sandwiches.

And then the final delight.  The brownie.  You don't have to include such an indulgent item on your small bites plate - it does sort of defeat the "eat lightly" purpose - but it's a nice ending.  Very nice.

I'm sorry if the sight of it brings on severe chocolate cravings.  Let me tell you there's a stick and a half of butter in these brownies.  Maybe that will diminish its attraction for you.

I Enjoyed Every Bite Anyway!

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